Developing a Toolkit for a Social Awareness Community Exhibit




Goldberg, Alexa Michelle

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It is becoming increasingly important for exhibitions to allow visitors to “discuss, share, and remix what they consume,” in order to create an experience that resonates with them (Simon). When museums and other cultural institutions fail to create a meaningful experience for their audience, they are liable to be perceived as inaccessible, irrelevant, boring, and/or uncomfortable for an audience whose primary sources of entertainment and education (the Internet, television programs, and social media) have helped to create a culture of instant gratification, hyper-stimulation, and over-exposure. By engaging the community in the development of an exhibition, on the other hand, the exhibit can become “responsive to the needs and interests of local community members; a place for community engagement and dialogue,” and aims to “help participants develop skills that will support their own individual and community goals” (Simon). Designing with communities, rather than just for them, in an effort to create meaningful exhibitions and experiences, continues to grow as an important issue in the design field (Shea, 8). This thesis project will propose a tool for designers, which will facilitate a collaborative community exhibition design process.



Design, Community, Social Practice, Collaborative, Exhibition, Toolkit, Communication design


Goldberg, A. M. (2015). <i>Developing a toolkit for a social awareness community exhibit</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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