Welcome Aboard: An Exploration of the Impact of Structured Socialization on Newcomer Perceived Organizational Support, Engagement and Identification




Salazar, Vanessa A.

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The following study aimed to identify whether redesigning an unstructured onboarding program to a more structured program can strengthen new employee socialization and achieve desired outcomes such as perceived organizational support, engagement and organizational identification. Online questionnaires were sent to two groups of new employees: one who experienced an unstructured onboarding program and another who experienced a structured program. Results showed that as individuals’ socialization increases, their perceived organizational support, identification, and engagement increased. In addition, individuals who experienced structured onboarding reported greater socialization, perceived organizational support, identity, and engagement compared to individuals who experienced an unstructured onboarding program. This study adds to communication scholarship by demonstrating that employee socialization and specified outcomes vary between two different socialization strategies. Practical implications lie in assisting organizations with establishing effective socialization tactics based on organizational and individual needs, and also strengthening communication opportunities between newcomers and current organizational members.



Organizational communication, Structured socialization, Engagement, Perceived organizational support, Organizational identification


Salazar, V. A. (2016). <i>Welcome aboard: An exploration of the impact of structured socialization on newcomer perceived organizational support, engagement and identification</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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