Genetic Linkage Mapping in Iris Nelsonii X Iris Hexagona Hybrids




Martin, Noland H.

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We are pleased to report that we have created an initial linkage map between I. nelsonii and I. hexagona. This map will enable us to perform QTL mapping of traits believed to be important / causal in the speciation process in Louisiana Iris. As a partial result of this grant, we are able to perform the QTL mapping work that we describe in an NSF grant that we also received this past year. Sunni Taylor, my current PhD student, was trained off of this grant, as were several undergraduate students. These students are listed as authors on an upcoming Evolution presentation (see below), and will be authors on an upcoming publication in preparation.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


QTL mapping, genetic linkage, Iris Nelsonii, Iris hexagona, hybrids


Martin, N. H. (2008). Genetic linkage mapping in Iris Nelsonii X Iris Hexagona hybrids. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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