What They Bring to the Table: Young Hispanic ABE Women in a Distance-Oriented Computer Writing Project




Wells, Anne E.

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Computers, which are becoming increasingly common in adult basic education classrooms, can be used to teach writing skills to ABE students. With the technology now available to link classrooms together, teachers can develop writing projects which enable students to communicate with peers at different adult learning sites. This case study observes how several factors should be considered in designing and implementing a computer writing project for ABE students. Five young Hispanic females at three different ABE sites in rural Central Texas were studied to see how the success of a computer writing project they voluntarily participated in was affected by (a) their particular learning needs, and (b) how these needs affected the implementation of a computer writing project. The study found that the success of the "Writing Forum," as the project was called, was dependent upon factors such as the educational goals and needs of the participants, their level of self-directedness, and their attendance patterns. It is recommended that teachers consider these factors before designing computer writing programs for adult education students.



Hispanic American women, English language, adult education


Wells, A.E. (1998). What they bring to the table: young Hispanic ABE women in a distance-oriented computer writing project (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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