Ghosts and How to Help Them




Moore, Alex

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Ghosts and How to Help Them is a comic book that is intended to model self-compassion and coping skills to the reader in a quick and accessible format. The main character, Ghost, explores a spectrum of emotions that are usually thought of as bad. Some examples are jealousy and anger. Ghost models to the reader how these emotions can be processed constructively and healthily by doing so in the comic. Through this modeling process, the reader may find it easier to apply the practices in their own life. Ghosts and How to Help Them also teaches the reader coping skills for anxiety and depression. A comic book is an ideal format to model self compassion and coping skills because the stories are short and easily digested. The reader does not need to sift through pages of writing, instead they can absorb the message in a few short minutes. The inspiration for these comics come from the author’s life, they are pursuing their Bachelor’s in Psychology and currently working at a drug rehabilitation center. They encounter quite a few people through school and their profession who would find comfort from a comic like this. Ghosts and How to Help Them aims to help each person who comes into contact with it by showing them that they deserve self-love and that coping with hard emotions is possible.



self-help, coping skills, self-compassion, ghost, comic, self-care, mental health, humor, comedy, psychoeducation, anxiety, depression, Psychology, Honors College


Moore, A. (2022). Ghosts and how to help them (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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