Groundwater Contaminant Concentrations of Land Use Categories for the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer, Texas




Day, Christopher Andrew

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Fourteen groundwater contaminants across the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Texas were monitored in order to test whether there is a significant correlation between their concentrations and land uses. The Kruskall- Wallis test was applied to each contaminant’s data set to test for differences in the median contaminant concentrations between each land use type. Regression analysis is also performed to determine whether the groundwater contaminant concentrations can be predicted based on percentage of each land use type. Six of the contaminants ( DB, Nitrobenzene, Phenol, Terphenyl, Tribromophenol, and Triphenyl Phosphate) showed correlation between concentration and the land use type, while quadratic regression proved to be the best regression model for prediction of the contaminant concentrations based on above ground percentage land use type area. Further work is still needed to verify the importance of land use applications and groundwater contaminant levels across the aquifer.



Edwards Aquifer, groundwater, Karst, contamination, Barton Springs


Day, C. A. (2007). Groundwater contaminant concentrations of land use categories for the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer, Texas (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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