Feminist Use of Digital Humanities: Grad Student Approaches and Perspectives




Watt, Sierra
McKinney, Charlesia
Sasala, An
Crystal, Mariah

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This panel showcases graduate student, feminist digital humanities projects. Panelists will present their project, highlighting their specifically feminist uses of DH tools/approaches. The panel will open to conversation, comments, and questions from the audience. Elene Cloete will discuss her digital humanities project: an online platform gathering together youth voices on the topics of community art engagement and social justice movements. Mariah Crystal will discuss her digital humanities project, which is an online forum highlighting women’s stories. Specifically, Mariah’s work interrogates connections between women’s narratives during times of conflict and gender-based violence today. Charlesia McKinney will discuss her work which theorizes Instagram as both a living archive of fat folk activism, visibility, and culture, and a platform for the cultivation of counterpublic rhetorics. Charlesia argues that, by analyzing fat positive spaces on Instagram, we can observe the ways fat folks and, other socially disempowered groups, create space for themselves in response to being excluded from popular public spaces. An Sasala will discuss their integration of DH “flash projects” into Intro to Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies course. An will overview their “history of sexuality archive exploration” project and reflect on changes and further use of this project in the feminist classroom. Sierra Watt will discuss her research into intertribal politics and native sovereignty. She argues that, for disparate tribes across the United States, online platforms allow for intertribal community and the dissemination of counter-narratives for contemporary indigenous social movements in real time—increasing sustainability and solidarity.



feminist digital humanities, narratives, gender, folk activism, counterpublic rhetorics, sexuality, intertribal politics, native sovereignty


Watt, S., McKinney, C., Sasala, A., & Crystal, M. (2018). Feminist use of digital humanities: Grad student approaches and perspectives [Conference presentation]. Digital Frontiers Annual Conference, Lawrence, KS, United States.


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