Josh Replied-All to the Listserv :(

Jackson, Joshua
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This presentation for the 2018 Digital Frontiers Annual Conference is part a panel session, "Building Supportive Communities: Methods and Perspectives on Promoting Inclusivity, Intersectionality, and Interdisciplinarity in the Digital Humanities."
This panel’s central theme is support in the digital humanities: how do we build and maintain open, inclusive, and supportive communities for our students, underrepresented groups, a broad range of interdisciplinary practices, and fellow scholars. In this segment of the panel presentation, the presenter demonstrates the power of resilience within a digital humanities community through an auto-ethnographic, phenomenological study of a mistaken reply-all to a department listserv. He shows how the immediacy of digital platforms, the essence of mimetics, and a supportive community of peers came together to implement a rapid, creative solution to defuse a potentially divisive situation.
digital humanities, auto-ethnography, phenomenology, listserv
Jackson, J. (2018). <i>Josh replied-all to the listserv :(</i> [Conference presentation]. Digital Frontiers Annual Conference, Lawrence, KS, United States.