Automatic Test Case Generation for Web Service Processes Using a SAT Solver




Radhakrishnan, Karthikeyann
Podorozkny, Rodion

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Such useful properties of web services as access from any platform, great interoperability with other web services, ability to combine several web services into a larger application relatively quickly have made them an important category of software systems. One of the techniques used to increase the quality of software is testing. The adequacy of test cases and possible automation of the testing process greatly influence the quality of the produced software and timeliness of the software development process. Even though a great deal of work has been done in adapting test case generation techniques to the peculiarities of web services (e.g. [11][12][13]) we believe our work makes a useful contribution in this area. This paper proposes a novel approach to generate test cases based on the process definition model of a web service. A process definition model defines a sequence of activities that can be performed by orchestrating the capabilities of a web service. A SAT solver (such as Alloy [10]) is used to extract the paths from the process definition model. These paths are used to generate test case specifications that will test all web service capabilities involved in a process. In our opinion the main contribution of the work is an application of a static analysis method for generation of test cases for a web service guided by a goodness metric of process coverage.



software engineering, testing, automatic, web service, Computer Science


Radhakrishnan, K., & Podorozhny, R. (2009). Automatic test case generation for web service processes using a SAT solver (Report No. TXSTATE-CS-TR-2009-13). Texas State University-San Marcos, Department of Computer Science.


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