Paths of Iron: Contextualizing Franco-Swiss Economic Relations in the Region of Haute-Savoie through Translation




Turner, Broderick Malik

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Language is a system through which messages are communicated. Moreover, language is a system that connects individuals to one another by facilitating exchanges of information. It unites people. It creates a community and a mutual understanding for all of those who are able to be a part of a language-speaking group. In the modern day and in an interconnected world, different languages must be reconciled with others. And that includes every single bit of their respective arbitrary systems coming together to reach a common understanding. This is where the concept of translation and the role of the translator become important. Translation is a powerful tool that allows knowledge, findings, opinions, and context to transcend the barrier of language that would, otherwise, impede their movement. Translation allows ideas to be understood between two different language-speaking groups; however, because languages are never identical and each one codes messages in different ways, translation is the means by which these differences can be addressed and mitigated. Translation is important because even with English’s far reach, there are still barriers to the flow of knowledge caused by differences in language. This thesis aims to translate four late nineteenth century treaties concluded between what was the Swiss Confederation and France, in an effort to more completely understand and fully contextualize the economic relations between the two countries at the time. Neither of the two treaties have English translations, nor have either of the two treaties been analyzed by Anglophonic scholars. Translation opens a new realm of research, study, or literature to those that would otherwise not have the chance to understand the new idea or work. The spread of ideas and information is further facilitated by the act of translation. Translation opens doors for new, interactive, and contextualized relationships between not only people, but also countries as a whole.



translation, French, Switzerland, France, economics, treaties, law, agreements, international, history, Honors College


Turner, B. M. (2020). Paths of iron: Contextualizing Franco-Swiss economic relations in the region of Haute-Savoie through translation (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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