Town of Highland Park, Texas: An Assessment of Water Use and Conservation Potential




Murata, Jaime P.

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The Town of Highland Park, Texas would like to take steps towards improving their water use conservation as a demonstration of community leadership. To do this, they have partnered with the Texas State University team (TSU) - Dr. Tim Loftus and the author as graduate research assistant - in a nine-month project to delve into the town's potential for reducing water use. The purpose of this research is three-fold: 1. Gather information about Best Management Practices (BMPs) applied to city- and town-owned properties for the purpose of conserving water from the following cities in Texas: Alamo Heights, Irving, Southlake, The Woodlands, West University Place, Westlake, and Westover Hills. Similar information was also gathered from Cary, North Carolina, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Scottsdale, Arizona; 2. Develop a water use conservation program scenario that promises to reduce water use in Highland Park and will have the additional potential to improve the town's score as determined by the Texas Living Waters Project, Texas Water Conservation Scorecard (2016). The conservation program scenario will be developed with application of a water conservation planning tool; 3. Analyze WaterSmart-derived monthly water-use data to create new information that enables the Town of Highland Park to better understand recent water use and target water-use conservation.



water conservation potential, Texas, planning tools, Applied Geography


Murata, J. P. (2019). Town of Highland Park, Texas: An assessment of water use and conservation potential. Master of Applied Geography Degree, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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