Introduction to the Handbook on Gender and Public Administration




Shields, Patricia M.
Elias, Nicole M.

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Edward Elgar Publishing


This open access chapter introduces the Handbook on Gender and Public Administration. The Handbook is a starting point to better understand and promote gender equity in public administration theory and practice. It begins with an historical overview concentrating on the contributions of the women of the settlement movement and tracing key events after 1939 when PA was a recognized profession. It then moves to discussing the content of the Handbook, which captures the multiple dimensions and evolution of gender and public administration (PA) to show how we got here and clarifying where we are heading. The 27 chapters consider PA and gender through a variety of topics such as housing and farm policy, budgeting, reform in Ethiopia, the rights of people who identify as non-binary, ethics, city government, masculinity and representative bureaucracy. These topics are imbedded in a unique organization containing three sections: Theoretical and Historical Roots, Pillars of Public Administration, and The Contexts of Gender and Public Administration. Our hope is that this Handbook provides a basis for seeing and understanding gender in new ways which establish public administration as a leader in practices that promote gender equity.



gender, equity, diversity, Public Administration, Political Science


Shields, P. M., & Elias, N. M. (2022). Introduction to the Handbook on Gender and Public Administration. Handbook on Gender and Public Administration, pp. 1-19. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.


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