Analysis of Reflectograms of Pile Integrity Test Using Image Processing Technique




Debnath, Picasso Kumar

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Pile foundations are typically used for major constructions and in cases when the soil at shallow depths is insufficient to withstand excessive settlement, uplift, and so on. Excavating a hole in the ground and filling it with concrete with various types of reinforcement is how cast-in-situ piles are constructed. It has become clear that even the most advanced piling technique can't guarantee flawless results. Integrity testing identifies areas with reduced cross-sections (necking) or poor material qualities. Minor faults, such as microscopic cracks, can often be predicted, but their nature must be confirmed through visual inspection. The main objective of this thesis work is to identify the condition of the cast-in-situ pile and to identify the faulty piles. From recent studies, Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT) is a type of low-strain testing that is an effective instrument for detecting faults and estimating pile length. The success of integrity testing in its current state is dependent on two key factors: the quality of gathered signals and the interpreter's experience. A computer-based analysis of the test results is required to determine the best result in place of the human. As highlighted in the ICE manual handbook, CIRIA 144 (1997), proposes a taxonomy of three types (Type 0, 1, and 2) of Reflectogram signal responses. Here, MATLAB is used to create an image-based analysis that digitally represents the signal type. After that, the data is sorted in an Excel file for numerical analysis. The created method was used on 204 signals of 68 piles at SKS LPG Mongla, with 2 piles classified as Type 0, 171 piles classified as Type 1, and 31 piles classified as Type 2. The image-based algorithm and expert judgment were found to be almost identical. Because the analysis is so good, it's more practical to apply it instead of the traditional approaches for pile testing mechanisms.



pile foundations, sonic integrity testing


Debnath, P. K., Alam, M. F. (2024). Analysis of reflectograms of pile integrity test using image processing technique. Poster presented at the Graduate Student Research Conference, San Marcos, Texas.


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