Can I Upload this Movie to My Class Site? Developing a Workflow for Streaming Video

Towery, Stephanie
Cowen, Karen E.
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How can we help faculty offer students access to streaming content without infringing copyright and violating user agreements for personal streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon? Learn how one academic library developed a workflow for streaming requests (including requests to convert VHS and DVDs to streaming) that involved cross-departmental collaboration. With a workflow in place Acquisitions, Collection Development, Instructional Technology Support, Subject Liaison Librarians, and the Copyright Office created a seamless way for faculty to get students access to streaming content.
acquisitions, workflows, audiovisual, DVD, videos, movies, films, VHS, captions, academic libraries, universities, copyright, streaming, media, collection development, University Libraries
Towery, S., & Cowen, K. E. (2018). Can I upload this movie to my class site? Developing a workflow for streaming video. Presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.