Developing a Mobile Monitoring System for Drug Compliances in Outpatient Clinical Trial




Long, Ju
Mehta, Mayur

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A major challenge in outpatient clinical trial is to make sure that the patients are compliant with the prescribed protocols. Our research is to study how to improve the patient compliance in outpatient care via new wireless technology solutions. Since our project began, we have accomplished the following goals: In the first stage, before we build the prototype system, we set to determine (1) the technical feasibility of such a system; (2) Explore the optimal user interface design; (3) determine the desired functionalities and quality-of-service requirements; and (4) analyze the potential barriers for field adoption. In order to study the previous questions, we established a collaboration relationship with the College of Health Professions. Many of its faculty members have extensive experiences in the outpatient care in their studies and practices. We conducted focus groups and surveys on the faculty members and gained many valuable insights to the above four research questions.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


mobile monitoring, drug compliances, outpatient care, patient compliance, wireless technology


Long, J., & Mehta, M. (2005). <i>Developing a mobile monitoring system for drug compliances in outpatient clinical trial</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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