Political Influence on the Comic Book and Graphic Novel from the Great Depression to the Present




Bexar, Robert John

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Graphic Novels and comic books have long since been seen as a child’s play thing. Beginning with the Great Depression until the present, comic books and graphic novels have been directly influenced by the political settings of the day. Unless you really observe when characters came out you would not notice that for each major political event in American history the comic book has either flourished or have nearly died off. The purpose of this research is two-fold. The first is to show that during each decade there was a political event that directly influenced events in comic books, both good and bad. The other being that once it was well known that comic books were being read the Government used comic books for influential purposes.



comic books, comic strips, history, criticism


Bexar, R. J. (2010). Political influence on the comic book and graphic novel from the Great Depression to the present (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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