Fundamental Studies of Clay Surface Treatments to Facilitate Exfoliation




Peterson, Elizabeth Ann

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The field of nanocomposites technology is growing intensively, especially in the area of polymer/clay nanocomposites [1]. Nanocomposites are a two phase system in which one phase is dispersed in the second phase on a nanometer level [2], Current surface treatment methods have not been successful in completely exfoliating polymer/clay nanocomposites. This research developed a general method of surface and edge treatments in order to help exfoliate organoclay into a given polymer. Several general types of treatments were utilized. These included ion exchange, surface sorption of polymers, and silane edge treatment. Melt compounding of polymer and clay was conducted in a bowl mixer. Physical properties of each nanocomposite were tested by DMT A and tensile testing. X-ray diffraction was also used to determine the extent of the intercalation or exfoliation of polymer/clay nanocomposite.



clay surfaces, surface chemistry, polymers, nanostructured materials


Peterson, E. A. (2005). Fundamental studies of clay surface treatments to facilitate exfoliation (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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