To What Extent do Grade Level and Above Grade Level Seventh Grade Readers Use Metacognitive Reading Strategies in Reading Fiction and Non-Fiction?




Smith, Stacy L.

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This study examined grade level and above grade level seventh grade readers’ current awareness and use of metacognitive reading strategies. The sample included a target group o f 12 students—six students from each ability level Their metacognitive behaviors were observed using three procedures: a metacognitive self-awareness inventory, structured student interviews, and student reading journals. Analysis of data revealed that these readers tended to utilize few metacognitive reading strategies and depended on “common sense” strategies for comprehension. Overall, they tended to approach their reading tasks without planning or consciously trying to correct any miscomprehension they experienced.



metacognition, reading strategies, reading comprehension, study skills


Smith, S. L. (2001). To what extent do grade level and above grade level seventh grade readers use metacognitive reading strategies in reading fiction and non-fiction? (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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