QI Project: A School Nurse-Led Educational Initiative to Improve Parents’ Understanding of COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines [poster]




Petty, Mindy

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Williamson County reported a total of 23, 414 cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID- 19) with an additional 233 cases the first week of January, and the positivity rate increased to 16.60% with Georgetown having the second largest number of cases in the county (Linan, 2021). The county declared an uncontrollable rate of spread of COVID -19 and entered Red Phase. The average hospitalization of COVID-19 patients was 682 for a 7-day average and there were less than 5 ICU beds within the county. School Nurses educate parents and students daily during the school year. They educate on disease processes, health promotion, and policies and procedures. Parents want a clear and concise understanding of what is going on with their children. Georgetown ISD was forced to create and implement new safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. One process that was developed was the COVID-19 Exposure and Quarantine Guidelines. These guidelines took staff, parents, and students through a systematic approach of what would happen if there was a COVID positive case or exposure. To experienced users of this process map, it seems very straightforward. To parents who have no experience with the process, the feedback was that it was very confusing and frustrating to navigate. Studies have shown that when parents have a better understanding of the issues with their child, there are better outcomes (Bergren, 2017). Nurses continue to perform evidence-based practices that emphasize the health education of parents and students; thereby enhancing improved student outcomes. The purpose of this QI project was to decrease the spread of COVID-19 on campus by yielding a reported better understanding and knowledge of the guidelines through education intervention.



school nurse, education, COVID-19, quarantine, QI, Nursing


Petty, M. (2021). QI project: A school nurse-led educational initiative to improve parents’ understanding of COVID-19 quarantine guidelines [Poster]. Poster presented to the St. David's School of Nursing, Texas State University.


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