Workflow Development for an Institutional Repository in an Emerging Research Institution




Hazzard, Jeanne
Towery, Stephanie

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Pacific University Libraries


INTRODUCTION: This paper describes the process librarians in the Albert B. Alkek Library at Texas State University undertook to increase the amount of faculty publications in their institutional repository, known as the Digital Collections. DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM: Digital Collections at Texas State University is built on a DSpace platform and serves as the location for electronic theses and dissertations, faculty publications, and other digital Texas State University materials. Despite having launched the service in 2005, the amount of faculty work added to the repository has never been at the levels initially hoped for on launch. DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WORKFLOW: Taking a proactive and cooperative approach, a team of librarians developed and piloted a workflow, in which library staff would retain the already established protocol of gaining faculty permissions prior to uploading material while respecting publisher copyright policies. RESULTS: Prior to the vita project, the repository archived 305 faculty publications total. Fifty-seven were added during the pilot, which represents an 18.5% increase. Of a total of 496 articles, seventeen titles were found in the blue category, which allows publisher pdfs to be archived. The majority of articles (233) were found in the green category, which allows either a pre- or a post-print copy of an article to be archived. One hundred ten of the identified titles were in the yellow and white journal categories, representing 22% of our total, and the team was able to archive only five of these. Finally, 16% (81) were not found in the SHERPA/RoMEO database (color-coded beige). Only 18 of these articles were archived. ASSESSMENT: We discovered that our faculty retain nearly none of their pre- or post-print versions of their published articles, and so we are unable to archive those titles in the repository. Nearly 47% of the articles found were in green journals that allow only pre- or post-print copies. Most faculty were unable to produce versions of their work other than the publisher's PDF, which many publishers restrict from upload into a repository.



institutional repositories, DSpace, copyright, faculty scholarship, open access archiving, SHERPA/RoMEO


Hazzard, J. & Towery, S., (2017). Workflow development for an institutional repository in an emerging research institution. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, 5(1).


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