Communication in the Classroom: Effects on Teachers and Students




Mottet, Timothy

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My 2005 research enhancement program (REP) grant funded a series of research studies that examined communication in the classroom and the effects on teachers and students. The grant yielded three publications in peer-reviewed journals (2 published in a national journal,1 published in a regional journal) and three conference presentations (1 international, 1 national, 1 regional). The grant allowed me to fund two graduate students as research assistants whose names (Parker-Raley, Cunningham) appear on the publications. The first correlational study examined how an instructor's communication style is related to how students perceive instructor course workloads demands and instructor availability. The second experimental study, which is an extension of the first study, tested the effects of instructor communication style on tempering students' reactions to instructor course workload demand violations and student tolerance for instructor unavailability. The third correlational study examined how student communication style is related to how instructors evaluate students subjective and objective work. Abstracts and research publications are accessible at (enter “mottet” using lowercase for User ID and Password).


Research Enhancement Program Final Report



Mottet, T. (2005). <i>Communication in the classroom: Effects on teachers and students</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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