A Narrative Inquiry Analysis Centering the Voices and Validating the Lived Educational Experiences of Mothering Black Teen Students through High School and Postsecondary Opportunities




Becerra, Nekia

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This study delves into the intricate academic journeys of three former Black teen mothers who surmounted significant socio-cultural and economic barriers to attain higher education degrees, encompassing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. The study involved a qualitative narrative inquiry analysis approach using in-depth interviews to unravel the myriad challenges, motivators, and support systems that influenced the participants’ educational trajectories. Central themes that emerged were I Drew on Personal Motivation; Social Connections, Faith, and Community; Reflections on Educational and Professional Development; and Intersectional Oppression. Contrary to prevailing narratives, which often frame teen motherhood as an insurmountable setback, the narratives of these women underscore the potential for transformation and the power of perseverance. Their stories contribute to a broader understanding of the dynamics that can facilitate academic success among populations traditionally viewed as disadvantaged and provide critical insights for educators, policymakers, and support services providers who are aiming to uplift teen mothers in their educational pursuits.



adolescent pregnancy, post-secondary success, socio-economic impact


Becerra, N. (2023). A narrative inquiry analysis centering the voices and validating the lived educational experiences of mothering black teen students through high school and postsecondary opportunities (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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