Enhance the Accuracy of Medication Histories for the Elderly by Using an Electronic Medication Checklist




Wang, Tiankai
Biedermann, Sue

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American Health Information Management Association


Medication errors may result in serious safety issues for patients. Medication error issues are more prevalent among elderly patients, who take more medications and have prescriptions that change frequently. The challenge of obtaining accurate medication histories for the elderly at the time of hospital admission creates the potential for medication errors starting at admission.A study at a central Texas hospital was conducted to assess whether an electronic medication checklist can enhance the accuracy of medication histories for the elderly. The empirical outcome demonstrated that medication errors were significantly reduced by using an electronic medication checklist at the time of admission. The findings of this study suggest that implementing electronic health record systems with decision support for identifying inaccurate doses and frequencies of prescribed medicines will increase the accuracy of patients' medication histories.



medication history, adverse drug events (ADEs), admission interview, elderly, medication errors, electronic health record, electronic medication checklist, Health Information Management


Wang, T., & Biederman, S. (2012). Enhance the accuracy of medication histories for the elderly by using an electronic medication checklist. Perspectives in Health Information Management, 9(1), pp. 1–15.


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