The Other War in the Pacific: The Conflict Between Generals Robert Eichelberger and Walter Krueger During the Luzon Campaign, 1945




Andersen, Jack

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General Walter Krueger and Lieutenant General Robert Eichelberger, the two army commanders subordinated to General Douglas MacArthur during the Luzon campaign in the latter months of the Pacific War, were personal rivals before and during the campaign with Eichelberger being the antagonist in the relationship while Krueger focused on matters of military importance rather than squabbling with Eichelberger. MacArthur used the strife between these two officers to effect his own personal goal of quickly returning to and liberating the whole of Philippines, despite the rivalry’s interference with specific and general military objectives during the campaign. MacArthur’s poor generalship and manipulation of the dispute between Krueger and Eichelberger delayed the progress of the American campaign on Luzon, wasted military resources and manpower, and contributed to the needless destruction to Filipino civilian infrastructure in Manila.



World War, generals, campaigns, Luzon Campaign


Anderson, J. (2007). The other war in the Pacific: The conflict between generals Robert Eichelberger and Walter Krueger during the Luzon Campaign, 1945 (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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