Typhoon Hazard Perception, Knowledge and Spatial Vulnerability: Natural Disaster Preparedness in Northern Philippines




Occeña-Guitierrez, Darlene J.

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This dissertation examines the perception, knowledge and spatial vulnerability of an island municipality located in the northernmost region of the Philippines in the face of the tropical cyclone hazard. The perceptions and knowledge of the inhabitants are investigated and tested to see whether these support the formulated hypotheses. Results reveal that frequent experience of the hazard has led to appropriate measures being employed by the residents to protect themselves and their dwelling places from the negative effects of typhoons. Structural adjustments to housing as well as food preservation techniques demonstrate their preparedness in the event of any threat from the typhoon hazard. A strong sense of community exists within the island. This is an important attribute affecting the resilience of the community toward the typhoon. The study reveals that the residents have demonstrated their capability to battle the worst and are ready to face an even more devastating event which they have yet to experience. The mitigation measures they have employed toward the hazard have made them more resilient instead of helplessly vulnerable.



typhoons, risk perception, risk assessment, natural disasters, Philippines


Occeña-Guitierrez, D.J. (2006). Typhoon hazard perception, knowledge and spatial vulnerability: natural disaster preparedness in Northern Philippines (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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