Dish Soap, Engine Oil, Sex and the Internet: Gender in Television Commercials




Black, Laura K.

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Television is a primary medium advertisers use to sell products and services through commercials and, commercials have the secondary effect of acting as socializing agents for viewers. Moreover, studies have shown that, despite gains made by women in the labor force, gender roles portrayed in commercials have not changed in the past twenty years. In some respects, data in this study concur with these previous studies. However, this study also analyzes gender roles in Internet-related commercials, something that has not been done before. The results from the Internet-related commercials offer interesting alternatives to the findings for other types of commercials. Deviating from past advertising practices, gender role stereotypes were absent from the Internet-related commercials in this study. In other words, men and women were portrayed equally in terms of product authority and use.



gender identity in mass media, television advertising, internet advertising, women in mass media


Black, L. K. (2001). Dish soap, engine oil, sex and the internet: Gender in television commercials (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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