A Model for Legislative Modernization: The Case of Costa Rica and Guatemala




Chavarría-Bianchini, Alexander

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The study presents a model for legislative modernization that institutionalizes democratic practices within the legislatures. It also describes the objectives and role of the USAID in the promotion of democratic systems and economic growth in Central America. The model presented contains essential elements for the development of democratic institutions. In Costa Rica and Guatemala, this framework has already shown positive results. The model is also considered unique because it has an ample degree of flexibility, which allows it to be adjusted to a particular country setting, and because the model incorporates sustainability mechanisms. The challenges are to exercise the model's evaluation program, feedback and follow up in order to learn from the experience and to continue promoting and ensuring the feasibility, sustainability, and success of such a modernization model.



legislative bodies, Cost Rica, Guatemala, democracy, politics, government


Chavarría-Bianchini, A. (1998). A model for legislative modernization: The case of Costa Rica and Guatemala (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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