A Glimpse Into My World: A Collection of Ten Minute Plays




Phillips, Caytlyn

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The following plays are a glimpse into the world of mental health. They are based on experiences that I have witnessed firsthand. The purpose of each play is to capture moments among a myriad of different people that have undergone some form of stress. I’ve found that there are many generalizations about mental health. In my experience, every person is different. My hope is shed light on that idea. Through these plays, I want to show the good, bad, and ugly of each character’s struggle. My goal is that the audience will obtain a new perspective on the world and how they view others. The topics that I’ve selected for this project cover self-harm, suicide, depression, anxiety, grief, and addiction. I felt as though the best way to capture these topics are through ten minute plays. As mentioned previously, each play is based off real-life experiences. I’ve found that it was extremely important to not create characters completely on an idea. It was essential that each character was fully fleshed out. Meaning, each character had to be completely authentic and true-to-life as possible. Once I achieved this, I believe it helped the way the story was told. It’s important to keep in mind that these works will continue to be edited. I find that people are constantly changing, and my writing must reflect that. From here, I wish to continue to grow and spread a message to those around me.



plays, ten-minute, mental illness, depression, anxiety, Honors College


Phillips, C. (2018). A glimpse into my world: A collection of ten minute plays (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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