College Credit for Heroes: Accelerating Degree Completion




Sherron, Todd
Wilson, Lindsey

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Virginia Tech Publishing


This article overviews lessons learned and findings from implementing state-funded grant initiatives for student veterans and service members (SVSMs) at Texas State University for 3 years. The Texas Workforce Commission’s College Credit for Heroes program (CCH) supported 63 SVSMs from summer 2017 through fall 2020, funded the development of 5 new, 8-week undergraduate courses, and streamlined 2 undergraduate courses for a combined total of $387,125. SVSMs received a scholarship for completing a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) competency portfolio and earned a stipend for completing a 120-hour capstone project. Nineteen SVSMs earned PLA credits ranging from 3–18 hours. Fifty-three SVSMs completed a capstone project and earned their bachelors within 2 to 4 semesters.



grants, student veterans, college credit, scholarships, learning assessments, Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies


Sherron, T., & Wilson, L. (2022). College credit for heroes: Accelerating degree completion. Journal of Veterans Studies, 8(1), pp. 247–254.


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