Holy war: Middle Eastern terrorism




Boyd, John E. M.

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A bright early November morning in Luxor, Egypt became a terrifying encounter for tourists from all over the world. While gazing at the spectacular ruins left by the pharaohs in the Hathor section of an ancient ruin, the tourists hear gun fire which seems to be moving in all directions. Suddenly, a man screaming, "Allah Akbar'' (God is great) comes running by with a sub-machine gun and begins to open fire indiscriminately at the tourists. The only tourists to survive were the ones either hidden so well that they could not be seen or buried deeply under dying bodies giving the illusion that they were also dead. While lying there still under two dead bodies, a tourist can hear the 'terrorists checking with one another verifying their assignment done. The violence left 58 tourists dead and many wounded (Kelley, 1 ). Why did this act of violence take place? What did the terrorist groups want to achieve? Who or what did the terrorists want to influence?



terrorism, government policy, Holy War


Boyd, J. E. M. (1998). Holy war: Middle Eastern terrorism (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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