A Future Hopeful and Strange: Making, Speculative Design, and Defamiliarizing the Present




Lohmeyer, Edwin

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This presentation for the 2018 Digital Frontiers Annual Conference is part a panel session, "Building Supportive Communities: Methods and Perspectives on Promoting Inclusivity, Intersectionality, and Interdisciplinarity in the Digital Humanities."
This panel’s central theme is support in the digital humanities: how do we build and maintain open, inclusive, and supportive communities for our students, underrepresented groups, a broad range of interdisciplinary practices, and fellow scholars. In this segment, the panelist examines the intersection among critical making methodologies and aesthetic strategies inherent to traditions of the avant-garde. Through recent demonstrations of physical computing projects, sculptural assemblage, and glitch, he argues for an interdisciplinary framework within the digital humanities and art communities that works toward social and political intervention via critical media practices.



critical making methodologies, aesthetic strategies, speculative design, defamiliarization, digital humanities, art


Lohmeyer, E. (2018). A future hopeful and strange: Making, speculative design, and defamiliarizing the present [Conference presentation]. Digital Frontiers Annual Conference, Lawrence, KS, United States.


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