Exponential stability of a damped beam-string-beam transmission problem




Barraza Martinez, Bienvenido
Hernandez Monzon, Jairo
Vergara Rolong, Gustavo

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Texas State University, Department of Mathematics


We consider a beam-string-beam transmission problem, where two structurally damped or undamped beams are coupled with a frictionally damped string by transmission conditions. We show that for this structure, the dissipation produced by the frictional part is strong enough to produce exponential decay of the solution no matter how small is its size. For the exponential stability in the damped-damped-damped situation we use energy method. For the undamped-damped-undamped situation we use a frequency domain method from semigroups theory, which combines a contradiction argument with the multiplier technique to carry out a special analysis for the resolvent. Additionally, we show that the solution first defined by the weak formulation has higher Sobolev space regularity.



Exponential stability, Transmission problems, Frictional damping, Beam-string equations


Barraza Martínez, B., Hernández Monzón, J., & Vergara Rolong, G. (2022). Exponential stability of a damped beam-string-beam transmission problem. <i>Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 2022</i>(30), pp. 1-19.


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