The MAIN Resource for Wellness: Design Thinking for a Texas State Mental Health Digital Solution




Gusler, Sarah

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Texas State University students struggle with academic and personal stressors and are unaware of the resources that can help them. Based on this observation, I took the initiative to investigate how we might connect students with the resources that can support them and improve their mental wellbeing. Using components of Design Thinking and elements of the Design Sprint Methodology I developed a prototype of a software application. To test the prototype, I conducted interviews with a variety of students, and a Counseling Center faculty member. The mobile application increased awareness and ease of access to mental health and wellness resources. Direct feedback from students was that the app was easy to use, helpful, simple, and aesthetically appealing. Higher education institutions across the country could benefit from exploring and utilizing digital solutions for connecting students with resources to improve student mental health and success.



design sprint, design thinking, mental health, higher education, Texas, student mental health, wellness, Texas State University, university, health accessibility, App, mobile application, Honors College


Gusler, S. K. (2022). The MAIN resource for wellness: Design thinking for a Texas state mental health digital solution (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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