Parks, Pit-Stops and Backyard America: Exploring Road Trip Culture in 2017




Coleman, Katherine Corinne

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This thesis explores the recent history and growing cultural trend of the American road trip. Defined as an extended trip or journey by car, road trips typically include roadside attractions, sight-seeing, embracing one's natural surroundings and a general openness to adventure or spontaneity. This thesis examines how road trips offer an escape from or way to connect differently with the world our typical lifestyles allow. With this definition in mind, this thesis recounts the author's own road trip, in which, traveling by car through the southwest United States, she documents her personal experience and findings through online posts and photography published on a website and written on these pages. This thesis seeks to identify and define this trend particularly among millennials and college students in 2017.



road trip, travel, national park, roadside attraction, college students, Honors College


Coleman, K. C. (2017). Parks, pit-stops and backyard America: Exploring road trip culture in 2017 (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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