Masculine and Feminine Communication Through TikTok: A Rhetorical Analysis




Adisa, Larry

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Masculinity is a concept that is continuously changing as time changes, being a construction of societal perceptions and discourse. In more recent times, the concept of hegemonic masculinity has been heavily discussed in various forms of media and literature as the dynamics of men and women change. In relation to this, it is important to analyze masculinity through various lenses, as ideas of masculinity can be created through various mediums in day-to-day life. A specific medium that hegemonic masculinity can be viewed from is through rhetoric, specifically rhetoric between men and women. How masculinity is taught and digested through discourse is important to understand, as rhetoric is persuasion, harmful rhetoric can spread harmful ideas of masculinity. To do this, the rhetorical analysis of various popular media related to men and their interactions with women will be done to further see how rhetorical strategies can spread harmful ideas of what it means to be “a man”.



masculinity, Honors College


Adisa, L. (2023). Masculine and feminine communication through TikTok: A rhetorical analysis. Honors College, Texas State University.


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