Fragments of a Broken Image: Latino Immigrant Stories




Blanco, Clarice A.

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¿Cómo se siente ser un inmigrante en los Estados Unidos? What is it like to be an immigrant in the United States? Using the portraiture methodology, in-depth interviews, poetry, and prose, this study attempts to explore how Latino¹ immigrants’ expectations of life were affected by their immigration to the United States. To paint the reality these participants experienced when immigrating and assimilating to American life, I identify two main themes, immigration and lifestyles changes/cultural differences, and specific supportive codes within each theme, such as language, isolation, and more. Additionally, it is important to remember that America was built by immigrants because this portrait highlights the inaccurate claims the current political climate has made about Latino immigrants—branding them as violent criminals and social outcasts. The results of this study indicate the struggles and experiences these Latino immigrants had to endure, as well as the overwhelming pressure they felt to fit in American society. Finally, this study humanizes Latino immigrants by telling their authentic migrant stories which are usually hidden for fear of deportation or violent abuse by others. "Latino," "Latina," and country of origin labels are used in this project instead of the American pan-ethnic labels of "Latinx," "Latin@," or "Latino/a," because "Latino," "Latina," and country of origin labels are the preferred terminology used in the American Latino community.



Latino, immigration, education, assimilation, culture, language


Blanco, Clarice A. Fragments of a Broken Image: Latino Immigrant Stories. Poster presented at the International Research Conference for Graduate Students, Texas State University, 2021.


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