Dating Ansel Adams's "Moon and Half Dome"




Olson, Donald W.
Doescher, Russell L.
Burke, Amanda K.
Delgado, Mario E.
Douglas, Marillyn A.
Fields, Kevin L.
Fischer, Robert B.
Gardiner, Patricia D.
Huntley, Thomas W.
McCarthy, Kellie E.

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ON A COLD and clear winter afternoon some three decades ago, Ansel Adams set up his tripod in Yosemite Valley and focused a Hasselblad camera on the distinctive profile of the mountain known as Half Dome. He waited as the Sun sank closer to the horizon and the long afternoon shadows extended across the granite cliffs. Adams had photographed Half Dome hundreds of times over the years, but on this day he captured an especially remarkable image that included a waxing gibbous Moon rising just north of the monolith. He discussed this photograph in his Autobiography.



Adams, Ansel, Yosemite National Park, moon, astronomy


Olson, D. W., Doescher, R. L., Burke, A. K., Delgado, M. E., Douglas, M. A., Fields, K. L., Fischer, R. B., Gardiner, P. D., Huntley, T. W., McCarthy, K. E., & Messenger, A. G. (1994). Dating Ansel Adams's Moon and Half Dome. Astronomical Computing, 88(6), pp. 82-86.


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