Illuminating the Dynamics of Effective Teacher Leadership in a Public Elementary School: A Narrative Inquiry




McGrew, Chaitra S.

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This study documents the narratives of three teacher leaders and their stories of teacher leadership practice using a framework of distributed leadership rooted in Snell and Swanson’s (2000) dimensions of teacher leadership. The research questions guiding the study are: Primary Research Question: How is teacher leadership practiced in an elementary school community? Secondary research questions: What are the key moments in a teacher leader’s journey that helped them see themselves as a teacher leader? How do these teacher leaders do the work of teacher leadership? What supports their practice of teacher leadership and what obstacles impede their practice of teacher leadership? The data sources for this study include individual and focus group interviews, journey maps, and teacher leader journals. Chapter 4 presents the study findings by introducing the three teacher leaders and their stories using their own words, narrated in first person. Chapter 4 also presents the teacher leader’s understanding of teacher leader practice and analysis about how they do the work of teacher leadership. Chapter 5 provides further analysis and interpretation of the research questions and findings, implications for further research, and another dimension of teacher leadership identified from the data. Finally, Chapter 5 also includes the researcher’s own story of teacher leadership and reflective thoughts.



Teacher Leadership, Narrative Inquiry, Journey Map, Teacher Leader, Distributed Leadership


McGrew, C. S. (2014). <i>Illuminating the dynamics of effective teacher leadership in a public elementary school: A narrative inquiry</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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