The Effects of Online Discussions on Student Preparedness and Quiz Scores




Rook, Brian W.

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This mixed methods study investigated the effects of online discussions on student preparedness for chapter quizzes and quiz scores. Surveys, journal prompts, and paired t-tests, were used to determine student preparedness, frequency of participation in face-to-face classroom discussions, and a comparison of chapter quiz scores of two student groups in an 11th grade history class. For each chapter studied, students in the control group participated in a lecture and class discussions. Students in the treatment group completed online discussions over the material as homework in addition to the lecture and class discussion. Although comparisons of chapter quiz scores for the two groups indicated no significant differences, comments from the journal entries suggested that students in the treatment group reported feeling more prepared for class discussions and quizzes as well as desired more opportunities to utilize classroom technology. An unexpected finding showed that the treatment group who engaged in the online discussions participated more frequently in the subsequent whole class discussion than the control group.



Online discussions, Social studies, Student preparedness, Constructivism, Educational technology, Technology integration


Rook, B. W. (2012). <i>The effects of online discussions on student preparedness and quiz scores</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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