For this we'll defend: Military connected competency training and university faculty experiences teaching student veterans




Sullivan, Sierra

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This two-article dissertation presents findings for two related studies regarding military connected competency training and faculty perspectives teaching student veterans. Data sources included observations, two Q-sort administrations, conversational interviews, and the research journal. Building on Veteran Critical Theory (VCT), best practices for training adult learners, and constructionism, the research questions guiding the dissertation include: How are MCC trainings being designed and offered to university faculty? What are the current characteristics of MCC trainings available to university faculty? What are the best practices designing and delivering MCC training to university faculty? What are university faculty perspectives teaching student veterans? What are university faculty experiences in light of participating in an MCC training? Findings for two independent but related qualitative studies are presented in chapters 2 and 3. Chapter 2 describes a multilayer case study examining four nationally recognized military connected competency trainings for university faculty. The goal was to identify best practices and prevalent characteristics of MCC trainings. Chapter 3 is an instrumental case study conducted with 10 faculty participants from four different universities across the nation. This chapter examines faculty experiences and perspectives teaching student veterans. This study is a first of its kind examining national MCC trainings and diving into faculty perspectives in light of veteran critical theory.



Student veterans, Faculty perspective, Military connected competency training


Sullivan, S. (2020). <i>For this we will defend: Military connected competency training and faculty experiences teaching student veterans</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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