Automated Tool Path Planning for Industrial Robot in Material Handling in Warehouse Automation




Mekha, Venkateshwara

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The warehouses today continue to rely on human workers because of the failure to implement the autonomous order picking system to meet the demands in terms of speed, safety and accuracy. In this research study, we aim to present an automated system specially designed to properly pick and place different objects in warehouses. The designed robot has the capability to detect an object from a shelf and assess the objects. Once the robot estimates the pose, the robot utilizes the gripper to successfully pick the object the place it at the desired location. The research study further discusses in detail about the commercial products such as ABB robots, Robotiq grippers and Cognex vision system. The main objective of this study is to integrate the commercially available components to ease the object handling in warehouses for the end customers. In this study, we integrated commercially available Robotiq-2 finger gripper, Cognex 2D vision system and ABB IRB 120 robot to pick and place randomly placed objects in the warehouse shelves. The proposed model includes the hardware setup, configuration, calibration steps and software setup of this system. The model results in successful object recognition followed by picking and placing of the randomly placed object in a warehouse shelf. Multiple iterations were carried out where different light exposures were tested.



ABB robots, Robotiq-2 finger gripper, Cognex vision system


Mekha, V. (2018). <i>Automated tool path planning for industrial robot in material handling in warehouse automation</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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