Crispr mediated rab3d knockout promotes melanomagenesis in platyfish




Sandoval, Angel

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Xiphophorus interspecies hybrids, i.e., X. hellerii × (X. maculatus Jp 163 A × X. hellerii) display melanomagenesis according to Mendelian segregation of an oncogene, xmrk, and a recently identified melanoma regulator, rab3d. The rab3d gene’s function in the Xiphophorus genome is hypothesized to inhibit the driving oncogene xmrk. It is thought that by including both an oncogene and tumor suppressor within its genome, Xiphophorus protect themselves from genome incompatibilities that may arise as a result of interspecies hybridization as explained by the Bateson–Dobzhansky–Muller model. Genotype and transcriptional analyses elucidated rab3d to serve as the gene responsible for Xiphophorus’ inherited tumor regulator. Functional analyses of rab3d in Xiphophorus have yet to be performed. Therefore, to investigate mechanism of the xmrk-rab3d molecular interaction that represses tumorigenesis, we report in vitro CRISPR mediated knockout of rab3d in Xiphophorus Jp163 A. Our findings provide insight into melanoma etiology and further our molecular understanding of the xmrk-rab3d interaction.



Xiphophorus, melanoma, Rab3d, genetics, hybrid, Honors College


Sandoval, A. (2019). Crispr mediated rab3d knockout promotes melanomagenesis in platyfish (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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