Policy Trajectories in Myanmar’s Education Reform and the Relationship Between Policymakers and Policy Actors




Aung, Thu Ya

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Myanmar has been undertaking education reforms since 2012. Tensions have arisen between central-level policymakers and teachers’ union leaders regarding the implementation of some reforms. While this give-and-take between policymakers and teacher activists has been reported somewhat in the news media, the academic literature on these developments is scarce. This study explores the motivating factors behind these tensions and conducts a critical analysis of the power dynamic between policymakers and policy actors during the reform process. Policymakers’ authoritarian ways of implementing education policies and other systemic factors have created tensions between those two groups. That, in turn, has exerted a negative impact on reform activities, particularly the new curriculum rollout. I also discuss socio-cultural and politico-economic factors that have shaped the relationship between the two groups and the reform.



Critical policy analysis, Education policy, Education reform, Myanmar, Burma


Aung, T. Y. (2022). <i>Policy trajectories in Myanmar’s education reform and the relationship between policymakers and policy actors</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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