Objectives in the Affective Domain of Environmental Education: An International Case Study




Bryant, Lara M.P.

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


The objective of this paper is to determine the degree to which various geographic educational programs contain the development of an environmental ethic as part of their program of study, and to provide a descriptive comparison between the United States and the international community concerning their attitudes toward teaching environmental ethics in the public schools. The objectives for the affective domain, of which ethics are considered an important part, have been neglected in the United States. By using the environmental issues of conservation and preservation, the learning standards related to these issues in El Salvador and Argentina were examined to determine the extent to which they include educational objectives within the affective domain. A final comparison about these issues was performed between these Latin American cases and the United States.



geography, environmental education, affective domain, cognitive domain


Bryant, L.M.P. (2008) Objectives in the affective domain of environmental education: An international case study. Research in Geographic Education, 10(1), pp. 19-32.


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