Establishing Validity of the Family Violence Screener




Bower, Catherine A.

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The Family Violence Screener (FVS) was developed to measure family violence exposure in high-risk adolescents, and to predict future family violence offenses in youths who had been exposed. There are few other measures of family violence, specifically those targeted at high-risk adolescents. The instruments currently in existence tend to be lengthy, lack rigor, are not reliable, or have not been administered to at-risk youth. The FVS was administered to over 11,000 times at the Travis County Juvenile Probation Department (TCJPD) over a four year period. A sample of 1,642 juvenile detainees was analyzed for the purposes of this research. The FVS was found to be significantly correlated with the MA YSI-2 Angry/Irritable sub-scale, as well as the nature offense. The FVS also appeared to be significantly correlated with the total number family violence offense charges. Discriminate and regression analyses suggested that the FVS is a strong predictor of family violence. Gender was also suggested to be a contributing factor to family violence, while age, ethnicity, non-violent offenses, and violent offenses were not correlated to family violence. Future research may wish to compare the FVS with some or, all of the other sub-scales in the MAYSl-2.



family violence, children and violence


Bower, C. A. (2006). Establishing validity of the family violence screener (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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