Prejudice and Discrimination Towards a Person with Atypical Sexual Behaviors/Feelings Based on Race/Ethnicity and Sex




Hill, Brian C.

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This study is an exploration of prejudice and discrimination, specifically negative attitudes against sadism, racism against African Americans, and sexism against males. The purpose of the study is to expose people to their judgmental characteristics by the published results of the study, the goal to this exposure is hopefully to make society less judgmental and be more conscientious in the way we view others sexual practices, race, and sex. A path analysis was run to assess the effect of 3 IV’s [atypical sexual behavior/feelings (sadist/non-sadist), race/ethnicity (African American/Caucasian), and sex (male/female)] on 2 dependent variables, prejudice and discrimination. The modified Adjective Checklist (modified ACL) is used as a mediator to assess biases. The Big 5 is used as a covariate to test the links of personality traits on prejudice and discrimination and biases.



Prejudice, Discrimination, Big 5, Big 5 personality inventory, Big 5 personality test, Bias, Biases, ACL, Adjective checklist, Sadism, Fetish, African American, Caucasian, Male, Female


Hill, B. C. (2020). <i>Prejudice and discrimination towards a person with atypical sexual behaviors/feelings based on race/ethnicity and sex</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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