The Pandemic Saved My Life: How The Pandemic Affected Treatment For Eating Disorders




Donovan, Livvy

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The COVID pandemic affected the treatment of eating disorders, including education, going online for information about eating disorders, and determining who received and how treatment would be administered. The scope of this research is moderate, focusing primarily on data surrounding eating disorder treatment centers and their findings after the pandemic began. It is difficult to determine what is believed about my topic, considering how new the pandemic is to the world (historically). Nonetheless, it can be said that the pandemic made it easier for those in school and treatment to continue their educational career through the transfer to online. There is not a wide understanding of what goes into eating disorder treatment, so it makes it harder to answer the question: was the pandemic good for people with an eating disorder or bad? My approach to this topic is neutral and informative, focusing on analyzing the data collected from different treatment centers throughout the country. Evidence includes feedback from clients, data (specifically observations and improvements seen) from treatment centers, etc. From my findings after researching, it is clear the pandemic had several contrasting effects, and for some it was lifesaving (this was my case). However, it also had deadly effects, not just due to the COVID-19 virus itself, but also due to forced isolation. In a world post-COVID, how can we adopt the innovative measures taken during the pandemic to significantly improve treatment, and encourage more people suffering from an eating disorder to seek treatment?



eating disorders, pandemic, treatment, eating disorder treatment, anorexia during pandemic, eating disorder rates during pandemic, Honors College


Donovan, L. (2023). The pandemic saved my life: How the pandemic affected treatment for eating disorders. Honors College, Texas State University.


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