My Watershed: An Early Elementary Curriculum Exploring Local Hydrology




Wood, Vera R.

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The following environmental education curriculum utilizes interactive and kinesthetic learning to teach children about basic hydrology and their watershed. I explain the approach and its potential value to science education in Chapter I. The following chapters describe a curriculum designed for informal education, as may be conducted to mixed age groups in nature education centers. The curriculum spans a range of competency levels form kindergarten to fifth grade and is divided into three main parts. The first lesson (Chapter II) conveys basic principles of water transport and state transitions in the hydrologic cycle. The second lesson (Chapter III) introduces the concept of the watershed and focuses on pollution sources and transport in watersheds. In Chapter IV, I discuss my experience implementing these two lesson plans at the San Marcos Nature Center. Based on this experience, I concluded that a third lesson is needed to complete the curriculum, dealing with mitigation and the practical application of the principles learned in first two sections, which I propose in the final chapter V.



watershed, curriculum, hydrology, elementary education, Honors College


Wood, V. R. (2007). My watershed: An early elementary curriculum exploring local hydrology (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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