Not a Ghost: Rebranding Mental Health




Glasgow, Kylie

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For my Capstone, I have created a brand I call Not a Ghost. It is a collection of images and affirming quotes that focus on and bring awareness to social anxiety, more specifically, the feelings of loneliness and worthlessness. I’ve turned these images into stickers and hope to one day create more products like t-shirts. With these physical items people can remind themselves that they are not alone and that they are worth it. The character that represents my brand is cartoon ghost just like how Mickey Mouse represents Disney or Hello Kitty represents Sanrio. A lot of people struggle with social anxiety, it can start from a young age, and sometimes it makes people feel very isolated, lonely, and worthless. People sometimes have a hard time managing these feelings because they don’t know how, and it may feel as if no one else could possibly know what they are going through. Because of this, I’m creating my images to help those “anxiety-havers” cope with these feelings and understand that they are not alone. Overall, I would like my images to be relatable to everyone because anxiety can be found in all people. I am studying both psychology and communication and both are perfectly encapsulated with my idea of bringing awareness and speaking up about anxiety. Not only that but I myself struggle with anxiety and have since I was young, so I am well aware of the effects it can have on someone. My personal experience with social anxiety and wanting to speak out about mental health has inspired me to create these images and show people that their feelings are valid and that they don’t have to go through it by themselves. I see a lot of things about mental health and while that is awesome, I feel as if there is a character one can associate and connect with, the message that mental health matters will be much more understanding and influential.



mental health, social anxiety, brand, Honors College


Glasgow, K. (2023). Not a ghost: Rebranding mental health. Honors College, Texas State University.


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