Unbound: Investigational Book Design Projects and the Bauhaus Time Line




Roeschmann, Claudia

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The perception of content information in a printed book can be altered, and even enhanced by varying the format of the printed book itself. Variations in book characteristics have a profound effect on the reader’s perception of the content. These variations of characteristics include—but are not limited to— the form of the display, the issue of spatial relationship in which it is presented, through the interaction of the reader, and the duration in which the information is shown. This thesis explores several variations of the basic underlying shape, form and style; the presentation through the display or the installation; the force of the interaction with the viewer; as well as the impact of duration for the viewer through investigational book design projects depicting identical content (i.e., the Bauhaus movement time line, 1919-1933). The investigational book design projects were exhibited in the Texas State Art Gallery II (May, 2008) and served to validate the underlying hypothesis of this thesis.



Book, Design, 21st century, Bauhaus, Time line


Röeschmann, C. (2008). <i>Unbound: Investigational book design projects and the Bauhaus time line</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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